Thursday Thirteen: The 13 Most Beautiful Classic Movie Stars

This is my 2nd “Thursday Thirteen”.  This week, my “Thursday Thirteen” are the women I consider to be the Most Beautiful Classic Movie Stars.  It was hard to narrow this list down.  There was so many of them.  These are women that true beauty exudes from.  In no particular order, my 13 Most Beautiful Classic Movie actresses are:

1.  Judy Garland – those big brown eyes and a voice to match

 2.  Carol Lombard – timeless


3.  Myrna Loy – elegant

4.  Elizabeth Taylor – the eyes

5.  Katharine Hepburn – classy


6.  Ava Gardner – dark curves

7.  Olivia De Havilland – simple

8.  Bette Davis – all around

9.  June Allyson – cute and charming

10.  Donna Reed – wholesome

11.  Doris Day – girl next door

12.  Deborah Kerr – radiant

 13.  Kim Novak – blonde bombshell

Honorable Mentions:  Natalie Wood, Barbara Stanwyck, Vivian Leigh, Lucille Ball, Jean Simmons, Debbie Reynolds, Lana Turner, Janet Leigh, Jane Russell, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Esther Williams and Jane Powell.  (Do you see another possible Thursday 13 here?!?!)

Next week it will be the mens turn.  I’ll feature the 13 Most Handsome Classic Movie actors.  We’ll find out who can still make you swoon!!  Who are your Most Beautiful Classic Movie Stars?? 


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30 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: The 13 Most Beautiful Classic Movie Stars

  1. I was so happy to see your list start with Judy. I read that she never felt pretty, next to Lana Turner and Ava Gardner. Carole Lombard is one of my favorite stars ever — as beautiful as she was funny. Thanks for visiting my TT.

  2. I think you added a few honorable mentions since I first read this. I would have added Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner and Shirley MacLaine.

    Looking forward to your men.

  3. They are all so beautiful and classy. I would have Audrey Hepburn in my list though.

    Can’t wait for the hunks’ turn. :)

    Happy TT!

  4. How could you give Debbie Reynolds “honorable mention!” She is way more beautiful than half of those listed (both inside and out!) Even today she is gorgeous and look at her today besides Elizabeth…there is NOOOOO comparison.

  5. oh i see i DID inspire you, where’s the linky luv? lol great list of some greats for sure… my thursday thirteen is on my new blog, but i’m sure you’ll see that when you click the linkypoo :)

  6. LOL So sorry Laura, but if I would have had you, it would have had to be a “one of a kind” list!! Nobody can compare!!

    I had all the names Debbie. It’s just that school time didn’t permit me to finish the entry until we were all done. I was more worried about getting it posted on time for anyone to see!! I think you’ll find a man or 2 that you’ll swoon over!!

  7. Nina, those are great ladies!! That’s why I was sure to include them on the list. Thanks for stopping by!!

    After Hours, it’s awesome that you named your daughters after those 2 women!! Beauty and class….you can’t go wrong. Thanks for stopping by!!

    Vera, Audrey is beautiful as well. It was so hard to narrow the list down. I have the same amount on the “honorable mentions”!! The men will be worth the wait!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  8. Yes Elaine, you did inspire me. I barely got this blog off this morning before I had to start class and still had to come back later and edit. Sorry….I’ll be sure to give you link love on the men!!

    Joyce T, she was beautiful indeed. She was so simple and elegant. She was just so pure. Thanks for stopping by!!

    Gal, I’ve read and heard that she didn’t think she was beautiful as well. It’s a shame because she was and I think that’s part of what killed her. Clark was never the same after she died. Thanks for stopping by!!

  9. Michelle, jaded and Donna: It was very hard to narrow the list down. That was the day when women were true beauties. What a choice it was!! I’ll hope you’ll all come back to see the men’s list and thanks for stopping by!!

    Glo, all these women did their share. They’re nothing like the “stars” of today. I’m sorry your favorite only got an honorable mention, but at least she made the list!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Nicole!! We love old movies too. My tv pretty much stays on TCM when it’s even on. Hepburn just had her day last week. Did you see it??

  11. My 10 year old absolutely loves classic movies. Movie night in our house is easy!! I have great memories too.

  12. Annette, a couple said I forgot her. She was pretty. She just never was one of my faves, however, she should be included in the list. I can’t get them all though!!

  13. The lack of Audrey Hepburn (the most beautiful movie star of all time) on this list invalidates it. ;-)

  14. The lack of Audrey Hepburn on this list invalidates it. ;-) I think she by far was the most beautiful movie star, if not the most beautiful woman, of all time.

  15. where’s audrey hepburn?
    gotta love that girl.
    but the rest of the girls in here are gorgeous too.

  16. Judy was gorgeous, I don’t know why she felt she wasn’t! Thanks for including her and the rest are beautiful, but you forgot Hedy Lamarr!

  17. This is actually one of many much better content articles connected with those that I’ve got continue reading that subject of late. Great function.

  18. June Allyson?! I like Judy, but she was only a little above average. Where in the world are Hedy Lamar and Gene Tierney???!!!

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