“Foto Finish” Returns

Foto Finish


For those of you that haven’t seen that button in quite some time, I’m happy to say that it will be returning in 2 weeks!!  Yes, that’s right, we’ll be holding Foto Finish weekly again.

Barbara who used to host this photo meme was no longer able to do so.  We’ve been missing Foto Finish since December and I do mean we miss it!!  I finally contacted Barbara to ask her if I could host it and she agreed.  I’m so honored because she always did such a good job with it. 

I’m keeping everything pretty much the same way that Barbara had it.  I can’t wait to do this because I know that I need to challenge myself more with my photography.  That’s really the whole purpose that I asked if I could take over hosting this great photo meme.  I can’t wait to come up with our optional themes and push myself to get out there and take some new photos.

To learn more about the return of Foto Finish, please click the button above to be taken to the Foto Finish page.  And remember, be back here on 20 April where our optional theme will be speed or fast!!


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