Armor of God

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Tonight’s lesson was all about bringing the Armor of God to my students.  I wanted to show them in a fun way that there are things that they possess to protect them from evil.

I created a couple printable to use with my class, then I made a couple extra things in hopes that others would be able to us them.  First, there’s a set of memory match cards.  The armor is matched to its virtue.  There are also two worksheets.  One of them is “Label the Armor of God” and the other is “Armor of God Cut & Paste” where the armor is cut and glued next to the virtue.

Finally, it’s the big one!!  I called it “Roll the Armor of God”, but it has so many other uses.  It can be used to roll a die and place the Armor of God on the soldier.  This can also be used for a felt story set, which is basically how I used it with my kiddos.  I read the Bible verse to them and they dressed their doll in the armor as I read the verse.  It could also be used as a simple paper craft to do with the kids.  There’s 2 versions of this all in one download!!  There is a boy and girl soldier doll, as well as a black & white version or color version.  Then for the “Roll the Armor of God”, there’s just the virtue listed or the piece of armor with the virtue to use depending on the age of your kids.

On a side note, these activities are based on the Catholic version (NAS) of the Bible.  The only part that I didn’t use was the wording for “having girded your loins in truth”.  I chose to use “belt” instead as it’s easier for my little ones to understand.  I did choose to use “shod your feet”, as they grasped that it was shoes/boots and I didn’t want to use “sandals” as many do and hubby drew me great armor boots.

Here’s a sample of some of the items for the Armor of God (click to enlarge)….

ArmorOfGod byElaine SAMPLE

To get any or all of these Armor of God printables, just click here to…..


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