A Wee Bit of an Irish Celebration

I hope that each one of you has the luck of the Irish and is richly blessed on this St. Patty’s Day and all through the year!!

To my hubby of 23 years….

You’re still my lean green loving machine.  Through the good times….and bad…..you’ve been my smile and my sunshine.  I’m so blessed to have a man like you and there’s nothing that I’d change.  I think we (God, us, and the Army) picked the PERFECT day for us to be married and celebrate each day and year of our lives together.  (And look at what a great kid we got out of it, but don’t tell her!!)

Happy St. Pat’s Day anniversary Lean Green!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my family, friends, readers, followers, and all those that just pop in!!



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