Pack Attack!!

What more needs to be said!?!?  The Packers did it!!  After all the smack by the Bears and their fans.  After the presidential endorsement.  After all the doubts.  Us tried and true fans came out on top with the BEST football team….the Green Bay Packers!!

It was a great game.  It got scary a couple times thinking that da Bears might make it back, but it never happened.  They couldn’t quite put anything together.  Although we seemed to be stopped on the field offensively, our defense came out in true form.  I totally disagree with a couple calls by the officials, but then again, I wouldn’t be a football fan if I didn’t.  I think the hit on Rodgers was unnecessary and showed just how desperate da Bears were.

I’d have to say the saddest part as a football fan was watching Chicago’s quarterback turn away from his team.  I don’t care what they try to say to cover it up in the days that follow.  That qb quit!!  He should be ashamed.  I’ve seen players hurt and I mean barely able to move hurt and stayed on that field.  Heck, as much as I dislike Farve, he did it!!  The qb leads the team, they don’t just pace the sidelines and act hurt when things don’t go right.  I say ditch the dude and keep that 3rd string qb.  He about ruined our day!!

Miss K was there the whole time with me.  We yelled and cheered.  A couple times, we thought we’d lose our voice!!  HAHA  My little Okie is quite the Packer Backer!!  I’m so proud.  HEHE  She wasn’t in her jersey yesterday though, but she did wear her Packer shirt she got for Christmas.  I’m quite sure come the Super Bowl, that Rodgers jersey is going to get a work-out though.

Oh man, I just love it.  NFC champs again!!  Never count a cheddarhead out!!  So just bring on the “puckers” and the “fudge packers” jokes.  We can take it!!  We know you’re just jealous that you’ll never be part of one of the BEST teams in the NFL or fans.  You can’t help it!!  Your jokes are old and they wore out long ago.  We’re going to Super Bowl XLV and even the Steelers can’t stop us now!!


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